Pruning and trimming trees is one of the most effective ways to keep your trees looking and feeling healthy. Regular trimming and pruning of crazy branches are considered typical upkeep for your trees and shrubs.

5 Fact about trimming trees:

1. Tree branches get scattered throughout the years start to get thick within the tree. This thick layer of branches and leaves shelters light from getting within the tree and the tree becomes barren inside. These canopies decrease sunlight and air movement.

2. Dead, diseased or damaged branches must be removed. Sometimes these branches can be dangerous on your property or may also infect other branches and eventually the entire tree if infected with disease. By simply cutting out these branches, you improve the overall health, appearance and longevity of the tree.

3. Pruning shrubs or trees will help to produce more fruits or flowers for the upcoming year.

4. If your tree blooms in the spring, prune when their flowers are fading. For trees that flower in mid to late summer, prune in the winter or early spring to enhance the effect of the flowers.

5. Pruning your trees during their dormancy is most commonly done. New growth in the spring after this should be sensational and if you are looking for lots of new growth, this is when you should do your trimming.

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