We take great pride in bringing new tree life to your property. Big or small, every tree makes a difference in the look and feel of your property as well as contributing to the environment.

Proper tree installation is key in making sure that your tree has a long healthy life.

Key Tips for Installing Trees

1. Don’t dig holes too deep or too narrow. Digging a hole too deep will cause the root ball to sit too low. Dirt will then be packed around the trunk of the tree causing it to become weak.

2. If your root ball is wrapped in burlap, always lift and carry the tree by the burlap, never lift the tree by the trunk. Roots are not always secured in the dirt within the burlap, which can cause it to easily pull loose from it’s root ball.

3. When planting trees that have exposed roots, try to form a convex shape of soil which the roots can wrap around inside of the hole. It’s important to keep the roots moist during this transition.

4. Don’t plant trees in extremely wet conditions. This can cause root rot which suffocates the root ball causing the tree to die. It’s more natural to plant trees when the soil is try and then watering after the tree is properly installed.

Our Service providers are more than happy to assist with all your planting needs. We have machinery to carry those heavy trees and offer the best installation packages around.

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