Our Tree Service provides offers the highest level of care for any trees or shrubs on your property. One of our specialties is fertilization. We offer many different methods and chemicals that are used to treat diseases, insects, or just to promote growth.

You may think it’s silly to treat any trees on your property, but for the small cost of fertilization, it is far more cost effective than that tree potentially dying and having to remove the tree and the stump.

Before removing any tree, we always like to discuss with the customer the reasons for removal. Many times the removal of a beautiful tree on a property can be avoided by treating it’s possible infection or just trimming the tree to the customers liking to help avoid any conflict with the property.

Without being in the forest, trees don’t get all of the natural nutrients of the forest that they normally would receive. This makes them more susceptible to insects and diseases and causes a shorter life span then they could have with fertilization supplementation.

It’s during the spring that trees usually see their most rapid growth. It’s during these times that it’s important to have the nutrients available for the trees.
If you notice slow growth though during the season, fertilizer can be applied at any time.

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