How to Trim an Oak Tree without Killing It

Oak trees are indeed beautiful to look at. However, it requires work in order to keep it healthy and strong. Hence, trimming an oak tree should be done from time to time. However, trimming done the wrong way can kill your oak tree instead. So here, we would be teaching you the proper way of trimming an oak tree without killing it.

Consider trimming them during the winter months

In case the oak tree that you have at home is still young, then you need to consider trimming them during winter months. That way, it would be able to recover from it’s wounds faster. When trimming them, it is also very important for you to consider the growing habits of your tree.

Clean the clipper and the blade of the saw

Before you start trimming your oak tree, you first need to clean the tools and equipment that you would be needing for it. You can simply use clean water with a little bit of household bleach to disinfect it. Of course, you need to make sure that it is rinse well and that there is no household bleach residue left in it. You also need to let it dry before you start using it. Also, to prevent the spread of diseases between the oak trees that you plan to trim, you need to wash the clipper and the blade of the saw before and after you trim an oak tree.

The Branches That You Should Remove

For oak trees that have been newly planted, you need to trim only its dead and broken branches. It is not suggested for you to trim your tree to shape. Wait for about 2-3 years before you can start shaping it. That way, you can prevent yourself from killing your oak tree. On the other hand, for mature oak tree, you need to remove the branches that are growing towards the center of the crown. With that air flow can be ensured. Apart from that, you also need to remove the branches that are rubbing with each other for this is one way of preventing wounds on the branches. As we all know, wounds serves as an entry point to diseases and in order for you to keep your oak tree healthy, you need to do whatever you can to prevent diseases from spreading to them.

No matter how much you wanted to keep your oak tree healthy, you also need to ensure your safety while doing it and it is a known fact that oak trees grow massively tall. Hence, there might be branches that you would want to remove but you are unable to reach them. In such case, it would be best for you to seek for help from an expert who has already been in the oak tree trimming business for years already. With that, both you and your oak tree are kept safe and protected at the same time.

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